The Steelcomp Group consists of Steelcomp Oy, operating in Kauhava and Steelcomp Vaasa Oy, operating in Vaasa and Vähäkyrö.

Steelcomp Vaasa Oy – welded steel structures and their assembly

Steelcomp Vaasa Oy is founded in 2016. The company has factories in Vaasa and Vähäkyrö. The company employs 75 professionals. In the Vaasa factory, we offer comprehensive manufacturing partnership with decades of experience.

Welded steel structures and their assembly is our expertise. This includes all steps from laser cutting and punching to bending and machining. We use the machinery of the Kauhava factory for punching metal sheets. The factory in Vähäkyrö is focused on machining and serves mainly Vaasa factory’s production. In addition, through our comprehensive supplier network, we can also offer surface treatment.

Steelcomp Oy – sheet metal punching, forming, laser cutting, bending, and different kinds of joining techniques such as clinch nuts and self-clinching

Steelcomp Oy is founded in 2006 in Kauhava. In the Kauhava factory, we concentrate primarily on production including sheet metal cutting and bending. The latest technology and our employer’s expertise create a solid foundation for the company’s success. Nowadays, Steelcomp Oy employs 25 professionals, and we are specialized in demanding sheet metal punching, forming, and bending. Through our comprehensive supplier network, we can also offer welding and surface treatment.

Our strategy

Steelcomp Group is growing profitably by investing in new production technology and automation, focusing on medium-heavy weldable steel structures and assemblies, as well as series production of lock components.

A high level of quality, as well as flexible deliveries, is guaranteed with a competitive fleet of machinery, emphasizing quality awareness, and constantly training its personnel, taking into account and anticipating market quality requirements.

Our vision

The vision of Steelcomp Vaasa Oy is to be the most respected and desired contract manufacturer and supplier of mechanical and electromechanical components and assemblies to its customers operating in the global market.

The vision of Steelcomp Oy is to be the most desired and trusted long term contract manufacturer of demanding sheet metal parts to its customers.

Corporate responsibility

Responsibility is at the heart of our business operations. Steelcomp Group’s corporate responsibility is based on environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and financial responsibility. Our operations comply with ISO9001 and ISO3834-2 certificates.

Environmental responsibility

Steelcomp Vaasa Oy has been granted an ISO 14001 environmental system certificate as proof that our operations meet the requirements of the environmental standard. The entire Group’s operations are based on environmentally responsible operations. In all our activities, we strive to identify and prevent harm to the environment and to promote the principles of sustainable development. 

Social responsibility

The well-being of our employees is very important to us. It is important for us to take care of the employees’ ability to work and enable a meaningful career in the company’s service. We want to be an employer that supports the success of its employees in their work.

In addition to personnel well-being, we have strict limits on mineral policy. More information on Steelcomp Group’s mineral policy can be found here.

Read more about our CMR politics here!

Financial responsibility

Steelcomp Oy and Steelcomp Vaasa Oy take care of the profitability, efficiency, and competitiveness of their business operations, enabling the realization of other elements of corporate responsibility.

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