We are specialized in welded steel structures. Our professionals can handle highly challenging welding operations. The size of the welded products vary depending on the customers’ needs from simple frames to large complex steel structures. 

We use for example TIG- and MIG- welding methods

We use a wide range of different welding methods and try to select the most suitable one case-by-case together with the customer. Mostly we use TIG and MIG welding methods. 

We comply with the international welding standards. All our welders are qualified, and our operations comply with ISO9001 and ISO3834-2 certificates, which guarantee high quality outcome for your products.

We perform welding with the following materials:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel

We offer surface treatment for welded products through our comprehensive partner network. Often these products return to our factory for additional assembly, and we deliver the final product straight to the customer.

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