System deliveries and assembly


We supply demanding mechanical and electrotechnical assemblies to our customers in accordance with their guidance and drawings. Assemblies include both components manufactured in-house and standard components. Our flexible way of working allows for a wide range of sizes from small to large as well as from subassemblies up to a finished product. We also take care of testing as agreed. You are getting the complete package made from finished parts into the final product. Our assembly know-how provides process and cost efficiency to our customers.

System deliveries

Our system deliveries include a comprehensive range of the most diverse high quality finished parts as well as, most often, pre-assembled modules and / or subassemblies or final assemblies. We take care of product testing, delivery to final destination, and installation at site professionally and conveniently under the same roof. In addition to module deliveries, our basic service range includes also welding assemblies that require high precision.


Our services

The Steelcomp Group is comprised of experts in all aspects of the metal industry, offering comprehensive manufacturing partnership to businesses in numerous fields.

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